Questions You Should Ask

Receiving Solace in addition to cremation services

There are a number of questions that every family should ask of a potential provider.  Also, in order to determine the direction your family should go, there are questions to ask yourself. 

Questions to ask yourself

  • What type of service arrangements do I prefer?
    • Simple Direct Cremation (no services)
    • Direct Cremation with a Service
      1. Memorial service
      2. Celebration of life
      3. Graveside or niche-side service
      4. Private services at home or other place
      5. Informal memorial gathering
    • Traditional Funeral followed by Cremation
      1. Church funeral
      2. Funeral home chapel
      3. Type of casket (see “ABOUT CREMATION CASKETS”)
    • What type of cremation provider do I prefer? (see “CHOOSING A CREMATION PROVIDER”)
      1. Traditional funeral home
      2. Non-Traditional provider
    • How important is the cremation cost to me? (see “CREMATION COSTS”)

Questions to ask a potential provider

  • What is the charge for  cremation?
    • Before calling, make certain you know exactly what you want – refer to the above list of questions you should ask yourself
    • Make certain that they have included all of the charges that are required for the type service you want (many providers will attempt to “sell” you extra products and/or services that you may not need because they are trying to make additional profit – be specific and be direct)
  • Where does the cremation take place?
    • On-site cremation facility
    • If off-site, are there extra transportation charges
  • Who owns the cremation facility?
    • Joint ownership with the provider you are questioning
    • Outsourced to a third party
  • Where will the body be held until the cremation is performed?
    • Many providers would prefer that you do not know where the body is held because you would probably not approve
    • Each time custody of the remains is transferred the risk of problems increases - Once again, this could all be outsourced to a third party